Government’s Remarkable Relaunch of 8500 Sehat Cards

Government Has Re Lunched the 8500 Sehat Card

In a momentous stride towards enhancing the nation’s healthcare landscape and catering to the medical needs of vulnerable communities, the government has undertaken a significant endeavor by launching the 8500 Sehat Card program. This renewed initiative seeks to extend complimentary healthcare services to countless low-income families throughout the country, alleviating the financial burden of medical expenses and fostering the overall well-being of its citizens. By seamlessly integrating technology and social welfare, the 8500 Sehat Card serves as a beacon of hope, granting access to essential medical facilities and treatments for those in dire need.

Introducing the 500 Sehat Card Registration: Your Path to Free Healthcare

Great news! The Sehat Sahulat Program now covers all your medical expenses. The government is providing health and Insaf cards to one crore low-income families across the country, as part of its poverty eradication efforts. By joining this health facility program, you can receive free treatment when needed.

As a Sehat cardholder, you can access medical facilities in 157 hospitals nationwide. Wondering how to become a part of this program and if you qualify? Read on for a comprehensive explanation of the procedures and eligibility criteria.

Sehat Card: Your National Identity Card as Your Health Card

Your national identity card itself serves as your Sehat card. If your National Identity Card is generated, you already have your Sehat card ready. No need to visit any hospital for registration. This program is a fantastic initiative by the Government of Pakistan, aiming to assist poor and deserving families in accessing up to 10 lakh rupees of free medical treatment.

The Need for Sehat Card

The Sehat Facilitation Program is an essential step taken by the government to address the issue of many impoverished families unable to afford timely medical treatment. This lack of access to healthcare leads to suffering from life-threatening diseases and even loss of lives. To tackle this problem, the government has introduced the Sehat card, using the national identity card as a health card.

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How to Apply for the Sehat Card

To obtain your Sehat card, follow these steps:

  • If you possess a national identity card, you already have your Sehat card.
  • Thanks to the healthcare initiative started by former Prime Minister Imran Khan, free treatment was provided during the coronavirus epidemic.
  • Now, under the current Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the National Identity Card serves as a health card, making treatment accessible to all simple and underprivileged families in the country.

Getting Your Free Treatment

If you belong to a family dealing with a medical condition and require free treatment, follow these steps:

  • Send your ID card number to the code 8500.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message shortly after.
  • Now, you can avail free treatment from any hospital registered with the Government of Pakistan.

Online Registration for Sehat Card 8500

  • To register online for the Sehat card, follow these simple steps:
  • Go to your mobile inbox.
  • Enter your 13-digit ID card number.
  • Register online by sending this message to 8500.
  • You will receive all the details about your eligibility through 8500 on your mobile.

Celebrate this great initiative by the Government of Pakistan, providing a lifeline of free healthcare to those in need. Register for your Sehat card today and secure your access to medical treatment without financial worries.

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